Technology and the Sacred Voice

Technology and the Sacred Voice

In 2007 Ukrainian-born artist Anna Kipervaser began work on a multimedia documentary project about the muezzins who recite the Muslim call to prayer (the adhan) in Cairo. In 2009, the project came to encompass a feature length documentary film for which filming completed in 2012. The film documents the tradition of the adhan at a moment of transformation in the region. After 1,400 years, wireless receivers are starting to replace muezzins in reciting the call for prayer in Cairo, though revolution and continued political unrest halts their inspection and maintenance.

Interview: Art As an Interfaith Dialogue

By Back to Religion Editor “Following a six month long immigration from Communist Ukraine in 1989, my family and I arrived to the United States as refugees, with simple hope for a better life where food and water were available and a little freedom, too. Ten years later, when I chose to study Fine Art, […] | Decibels and Debate: Unifying Egypt’s Call to Prayer | Decibels and Debate: Unifying Egypt’s Call to Prayer

by Maurice Chammah   Just before the sun rises in Cairo, and four more times every day, the air fills with a mass of amplified voices. “God is greater. God is greater. I testify that there is no god but God.” Like a Bach fugue, the voices mix confidently in melodies careening upward, some reaching […] | Voices and faces of the Adhan: Cairo

by Issandr El Amrani This film about the call to prayer in Cairo sounds cool — it looks at the project to unify the Adhan (on the grounds that the cacophony of different mosques was disagreable, I suppose). I actually love hearing the dissonant Adhans of Cairo, particularly when in the medieval part of the city […]