This interactive online experience was created during Hot Hacks, a weekend of hacking that a project for On Look Films was chosen to participate in as part of Hot Docs. Anna Kipervaser from On Look Films worked together with a team from The Secret Location and Mozilla in Toronto, Canada to create a prototype that features three vignettes in an Interactive “Triptych”, each with a distinct user experience.

This prototype is viewable, with great thanks to the Secret Location team, at Please keep in mind that it is still a prototype and the elements that work, work best in Google Chrome.

A learning experience that began before sunrise and ended after sunset. Throughout the course of a day (corresponding to the five adhans) five characters are discovered and introduced using their locations as markers.

A way for the user to move through a map and experience what Cairo feels, sounds, and looks like via gps tagged audio and photographs.

Calls for the user to create the soundscape of Cairo by clicking on what is at first a white screen; clicking in each location triggers the sound of an individual adhan and visualization through which a faint image of Cairo’s cityscape begins to be revealed, the more you click, the more gets revealed visually and sonically.

[Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo was the working title for CAIRO IN ONE BREATH].