Season’s Greetings – Newsletter December 2013

Season’s Greetings – Newsletter December 2013
Season's Greetings from On Look Films!

First Snow in Egypt in 100 Years!

Some things are hard to believe! For example, the snow in Egypt. And also, we are almost done with the film! Other things that are hard to believe don’t quite make us smile, yet we hope that the difficult times in the region end soon, and that the hope that continues to fill the hearts of the people is the force that wins, that supercedes all struggle!!! We hope that we can make a contribution through our work towards peace.

Thank you all for your support with the film over the years. With 2013 coming to a close, we are happy to report that we are reaching fine cut! While this means that we are almost done, it also means that we are a little behind what we projected over a year ago during our Kickstarter campaign, which was also our last fundraiser.

2013 has been a crucial year in moving this project forward and as you know, without your involvement, none of this would be possible. As we are nearing the finish line, we are excited to share with you a clip from the beginning of the film. Keep an eye out for the last few seconds featuring the latest prototyped sound map of Cairo! And if you haven’t seen what we were up to in April at Hot Docs, check out the prototypes we developed for the interactive web component of the film with The Secret Location as part of HotHacks 2013. Use Google Chrome browser to view the prototype here.

Once we reach fine cut, there is still a bit of work to do! The film will get subtitled, color corrected, and an original score will be written. It’s a process, but now we are reaching its end and we can’t wait to share the magical results with you! If you are looking for a way to make an end of year tax deductible contribution, please remember On Look Films.


We will send updates as we go, sorry if we are out of touch for too long, we promise the snow didn’t win, we are trudging along!

Please stay warm this winter and hug those loved ones if you are lucky enough to have them near. We wish you the Happiest of New Years Celebrations and best of luck in 2014. May this year end with increased peace in the world.